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You should get to know our UCAT ANZ tutors before reserving a 1-on-1 session with them. One of our core values is transparency: being open and honest. Our tutors have sat the UCAT themselves and gone on to study dentistry or medicine, achieving the top 10% of UCAT results.

But we don’t just provide tutors who are strong academically, because having good marks does NOT make you a good teacher.  We make sure that our tutors have the potential to be excellent teachers through our strict vetting process. 

The first step for any of our potential tutors before they get hired is to teach Dr Dibah Jiva, our founder and CEO. This lets her get an idea of their teaching abilities.  After applicants pass that stage and become tutors, we make sure to provide continuous training and feedback throughout the year, so they can keep on learning. And to ensure the safety of our students, all of our tutors have undergone the UK’s enhanced DBS check.


Your parents want to watch you grow into an amazing human being.  We give you the option to watch some of that progress so that everyone is able to help with your continued learning and help you get the scores required. 

We recognise that everyone’s training needs will change with time, and with detailed monitoring we are able to adapt to these changes so that you can reach your full potential before your test date.

We have progress reports after each tutoring session, in combination with your practice scores from our online UCAT platform. Both students, parents and your own MSAG tutor can access these. The progress reports are detailed reports written by the tutor where we will discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and recommended strategies.

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We’ve been helping students with the medical school application process for over 12 years: interviews, exam prep, practice exams, UCAT courses and more.  If you need UCAT help, take a look at some of these other options, or send us a message: we’re always happy to answer your questions!

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