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What's included in the UCAT ANZ course?

Our UCAT course comes with full access to our digital platform included. If you have already purchased our Online UCAT ANZ Course or our Question Bank and want to upgrade to this package with the live online class, simply purchase it on our website and send us an email. We will refund your initial purchase of the digital access alone. Specifically included with the live online class is:

✔ 15 hours of live Online teaching

✔ Access to question bank with 4000+ practice questions

✔ Access to over 7 hours of interactive UCAT ANZ video teaching on demand 

✔ Post-course support until your test date

Weekday Schedule

Subject Duration
Monday Introduction & Verbal Reasoning 3 hrs
Tuesday Decision Making 3 hrs
Wednesday Quantitative Reasoning 3 hrs
Thursday Abstract Reasoning 3 hrs
Friday Situational Judgement & Strategy Recap 3 hrs

Weekend Schedule

Subject Duration
Saturday Introduction
Verbal Reasoning
Decision Making
Quantitative Reasoning (Part 1)
7.5 hrs
Sunday Quantitative Reasoning (Part 2)
Abstract Reasoning
Situational Judgement
Strategy Recap
7.5 hrs


The 2021 UCAT ANZ is an important part of the selection process for many Medical schools and Dental schools. It tests Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement. It requires different skills than what students are used to with their school exams and thus adapted preparation.

Our course was designed in partnership with Mr Philip Linnell, who scores consistently in the highest achievable band or percentile for the UCAT in the UK. He tutored our CEO years ago and it is her personal experience with his tutoring style, and ability to design strategies that led to this partnership. He is a "career" tutor and has helped over 1000 students in almost 20 different subjects!

Students who have attended multiple courses have described our strategies as "eye-opening" or the methodology as "incomparable". Our tutors review the student's ability level with a course pre-assessment to tailor the course for them. The class size is limited to 8 for an engaging and personal experience. Our resources and ourselves are available from the moment one signs up, until they are admitted to the university of their choice.

When to start preparing for the UCAT ANZ

This process is important to parents as well as medical students: that’s why we keep everyone up-to-date on progress and achievements. Track your results during the UCAT ANZ course and after the course, we send a follow up email with your child’s performance. And we provide full support until the date of your UCAT ANZ exam booking: for both parents and students!

Email: hello@themsag.com



A core value at theMSAG is to widen access to medicine, which we do by removing barriers.  We remove physical barriers by hosting our UCAT ANZ courses online, so students don’t need to travel long distances to attend.  

We also are proud to provide financial aid for every single one of our courses.  If you are in need of financial aid for our UCAT ANZ courses before you book your test, please email finance@theMSAG.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  All financial requests are decided on a case-by-case basis.