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What is included for Free?

Our UCAT question bank is the most affordable in the market. As a comparison:

  • The MedEntry UCAT question bank is 168% more expensive for access until Mid-August
  • The Medify UCAT question bank is 150% more expensive for access until mid-October

We made no compromise on quality either. We offer helpful learning features you will not find elsewhere. Try before you buy with our free, instant and unlimited access to:

  • 200 UCAT practice questions
  • A UCAT practice test with an additional 45 UCAT questions
  • 7 hours of interactive UCAT video teaching on demand

Quality of questions

We spent one full year solely on research to ensure the UCAT questions we offer are of the right variety and difficulty level.  Question writers are selected only amongst students who scored in the top 10% of UCAT scores, and each question is reviewed to check its match against our research by at least two senior tutors. We also monitor the average time taken to answer our questions and the percentage correctness across all users. If any outliers fall through the checks, they are identified by data, very early on. 

Here is an example for VR - We have carefully curated from a range of sources - book passages, different person tenses used, instruction based texts - for our VR passages to match the diversity of the real exam. Checking over a hundred questions on Medify showed all of those passages were from Wikipedia. While Wikipedia can be a helpful resource, it was created to be an “easy” read… so it is no surprise that using Wikipedia passages to prepare VR does NOT prepare you for the difficulty and timing of real UCAT passages. Checkout our UCAT question bank page for more details on how we control the quality of the questions you will use for your preparation.

The best technology

Winner of the 2019 “Digital innovation of the year award”, theMSAG is a leader in Education Technology. We leverage technology to improve your learning experience. Some features you will benefit from when using our UCAT Question Bank include:

  • Intuitive practice modes
  • Detailed question selection criteria
  • Advanced dashboard

Untimed practice sets

When doing untimed practice using Medify or Medentry (tested in March 2021), you can only select to do 1 stem at a time. With theMSAG untimed practise mode, you can select how many questions you want to do before you start - and the practice session will load with all those questions with no distraction in between each, just like the real exam.

Practice multiple UCAT sections together

Our practice builder is designed to be flexible according to your study needs, so you are not limited to practising one section at a time. Especially closer to the exam, it may be beneficial to do practice that is more reflective of the real UCAT with some VR initially, followed by a few DM questions, then QR, then AR and finally SJT. You can create as many practise sets, with whichever combinations of sections you wish, to either reflect the actual exam order or your areas of weakness. On Medify and Medentry, you can only practise one section of the UCAT at a time.

Question selection option

While you practise, you should be spending most of your time on your “weaker” areas rather than split your time equally between all areas. This information is easily visible on our online platform. We offer more filtering options than any other question bank. Let’s take VR for example; with Medify and Medentry, the only two options are:

  • VR true, false, can’t tell
  • VR Reading comprehension​

When you practice VR on theMSAG hub, you can select to practice in a more granular way, following the official UCAT VR question types:

  • According to passage
  • Incomplete statements
  • Except questions
  • Most Likely questions
  • True, False, Can’t tell
  • Author

On Medify, the granularity is lacking in most sections, with all QR questions lumped into 1 group for practice and all DM into only two groups. This means that Medify does not allow you to choose a specific type of QR question you want to practise, and instead, it is always “random” QR practice, which is not as efficient in improving your results. Offering more targeted UCAT practice in the areas you need it most will lead to a better overall score.

Best Dashboard

Our dashboard already provides more information than all other platforms. In the summer of 2021, we are upgrading its features even more into four, slick and modern dashboards.

Find out where you stand

The dashboard on our UCAT question bank will show you some important information when you complete the UCAT practice test and the UCAT practice questions - like your score in comparison to other MSAG users, as well as a breakdown of your areas of improvement - by section, question type and timing.

This is not a full-length 2021 UCAT exam or a replacement for comprehensive test preparation. This is a great way to get an initial practice to get a feel for the questions, the timing, the topics, the difficulty and the actual platform.

How to get started

Getting started is super simple. After you add this item to your cart and complete your checkout, you will receive an email within 15 minutes containing a link to complete your registration.  Then just head over to and start practicing UCAT questions.

Every official exam format available

UCAT, UCATSEN, UCATSENSA or just untimed practice - take the UCAT practice test exactly the way you want to.  Note: you can only take the UCAT practice test once  per account - if you want to try it a second time, you can contact us and we can arrange a reset for you.  Please do not create a second account, as that will skew the data.