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It is undoubtedly a worrying time for you at the moment, wondering just how the current global pandemic is going to impact on this year’s application process for Medicine and Dentistry. The first thing that may come to your mind is of course the UCAT ANZ. The University Clinical Aptitude Test is usually the first step in your application. It is currently used by 14 universities in Australia and New Zealand.

The current coronavirus situation is constantly changing, therefore, we strongly recommend to keep checking back to this post for real-time updates on UCAT ANZ.

Here, we are going to detail all you need to know regarding how to book the UCAT 2020 in Australia and New Zealand. This includes important UCAT 2020 dates, how to register, access arrangements and of course, COVID 19 updates. If you are preparing for the UCAT to apply to medicine in the UK, check out the blog post here which details how the UCAT is used in the UK.

COVID-19 Updates for candidates sitting the 2021 UCAT ANZ

UCAT ANZ registration opened on the 1st March 2021 and closes for late bookings on the 31st May 2021. This is the final date that you can book your UCAT ANZ test.

The UCAT Consortium have stated that UCAT ANZ testing will commence as planned in July.

The dates for testing are: 1st of July to 11th August 2021.

Social distancing regulations for UCAT ANZ

Testing will be going ahead from 1st July - 11th August - however, in all Pearson Vue test centres, social distancing measures will be in place.

    So what does all of this mean?

    Well, for Australian and New Zealand applicants, it means that testing is following the usual UCAT ANZ timeline, as detailed in our section below.

    The current COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and thus constantly changing, however, Pearson Vue and the UCAT consortium are putting measures in place to minimise the disruption to the usual application timeline, whilst protecting everyone’s health and ensuring that all applicants have a chance to sit the UCAT in one their preferred centres.

    UCAT Australia 2021 Registration

    Online registration opened on: 1st March 2021.
    Registration (late booking deadline) closes on: 31st May 2021.

    UCAT ANZ Fees

    Early booking fee for sitting in Aus/New Zealand
    (before 17th May 2021)
    AUD $305
    Concession fee for Australia only AUD $199
    Test taken outside Aus/New Zealand AUD $380
    Late booking fee
    (between 18th May - 31st May 2021)
    AUD $85

    You have to pay the fees for UCAT ANZ when you make the booking online and the system accepts most major credit and debit cards.

    Since it is a requirement for your application, there is financial aid available if you require it in the form of the UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme. If you meet the criteria for the concession scheme, you need to apply for it before you book your test. Read the section on “UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme” below for more information.

    UCAT ANZ 2021 Test dates

    The UCAT ANZ will be sat between 1st July and the 11th of August 2021.

    The UCAT ANZ is following the timeline shown below:

    UCAT ANZ 2020 Timeline

    Access Arrangements/Concession Scheme applications open 1 February 2021
    Test booking opens 1 March 2021
    Access Arrangements/Concession Scheme applications close 10 May 2021 at 5pm AEST
    Early test booking deadline 17 May 2021 at 11:59pm AEST
    Late test booking deadline 31 May 2021 at 11:59pm AEST
    Testing begins 1 July 2021
    Final testing date 11 August 2021
    Results sent to Universities By early September 2021

    Access arrangements for UCAT ANZ

    Access arrangements are for those students who are entitled to extra time or accommodations due to special circumstances such as disabilities, medical conditions or temporary injury.

    You must apply for and be approved for access arrangements by the UCAT ANZ Office before you book your test. Access arrangements applications must be accompanied by suitable official documentation. Applicants take approximately 5 working days to be processed, so you must be organised and apply for this in advance of the deadline.

    The deadline for 2021 Access Applications was:
    Access applications open: 1st February 2021
    Access applications close: 17th May 2021

    You need to submit your supporting evidence at the same time as your application for access arrangements. This needs to be in advance of the usual UCAT registration and test booking deadlines.

    UCAT ANZ access arrangements range from permitting extra time, to allowing access to medical items or medically-necessary food and drink, for example if you have diabetes. Some test centres can offer wheelchair access, and many will allow colour change or overlay to those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia

    The most common form of arrangement is extra time for students with special learning needs. These are:

    • UCATSA - standard test time with 5 minute rest breaks between sections
    • UCATSEN - 25% extra time
    • UCATSENSA - 25% extra time with 5 minute rest breaks between sections

    It is important that for any exam which is a prerequisite to education, that arrangements are made to be equally-accessible to all students. The MSAG strongly believes in this, and we have made sure that all of our preparation material is also inclusive. Our mock exams within our UCAT Online Question Bank can all be taken in either UCATSA, UCATSEN, or UCATSENSA timings, so that you get a realistic experience, using the official timings.

    UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme

    The concession scheme has been implemented to make sure that those who may want to sit the UCAT ANZ, but cannot afford to do so, are not limited by financial factors. If this applies to you, you need to submit your application with supporting evidence before the deadline below.

    The dates for 2021 Concession applications was:
    Applications open: 1st February 2021
    Applications close: 10th May 2020

    The scheme does not apply to everyone, as you must hold one of two government-issued cards, detailed below. These cards are not available to those who live outside of Australia and New Zealand. The criteria and evidence that must be submitted are:


    Concession Criteria Supporting Evidence
    Hold or are listed as dependant on a current, signed Health Care Card (HCC) A copy of both sides of the card, sent to UCAT ANZ
    Hold or are listed as dependant on a current, signed Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) A copy of both sides of the card, sent to UCAT ANZ


    No other cards or proof of financial means are eligible for the concession scheme.

    The MSAG was founded with an ethos of widening participation. We have seen that many successful medical students and doctors are from these backgrounds and firmly believe that cost should not be a barrier to pursuing a career in the field.

    As a result, we offer bursaries on both our online UCAT course, question bank and live-online UCAT courses. If you qualify, please send your request with supporting evidence to finance@themsag.com

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