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With some of the most incredible wildlife to explore while being home to many restaurants, bars, beaches and one world-famous opera house, Sydney has something for everyone. Western Sydney University is no exception to this. The location and safety of the campus provide a thriving and culturally rich university community. Starting uni is an exciting time for students at Western Sydney as they prepare to join part of one of the most dynamic, globally focused, research-led and committed unis in the world.

Open to both domestic and international students, the 5-year undergraduate entry Doctor of Medicine program at WSU Medical School uses problem-based learning, modern simulated labs and early hands-on clinical experience in Clinical Schools to teach its students. This newer School of Medicine includes unique study topics like ‘population-based studies’ and ‘professional development’. With 47 sites across New South Wales, University of Western Sydney Medicine students experience truly diverse and comprehensive medical teaching with supportive teachers and facilities.

University of Western Sydney Medicine Summary Table

Greater Western Sydney Applicants* Non-Greater Western Sydney and International Applicants
How to apply UAC Domestic Apply directly with Studylink OR
UAC Domestic/International OR
Through an international agent
Programme Length 5 years
Number of Places 20+ 100+
Academic Requirements 5.2/7.0+ (optional)
ATAR: 93.5+
IB: 36+
5.5/7.0+ (optional)
ATAR: 95.5+
IB: 38+
Exam Requirements UCAT
Interview MMI
Annual fees AUD $11,155/year AUD $11,155/year
Internationals: AUD $67,000/ year
Application Deadline 30 September 2020

Updated March 2020
*The University has a commitment to the Greater Western Sydney community. Applicants who currently live in one of the areas defined as Greater Western Sydney for approximately 5 consecutive years immediately prior to commencing the Medicine Undergraduate Program are eligible to be considered for these places.

Western Sydney Medical School - The Programme

The 5-year undergraduate entry Medicine Course at WSU prepares students for work in any field, urban or rural. From the first few weeks, students are seeing real patients in small group learning at the bedside or on campus.

In the first two years, students learn to apply biomedical sciences to clinical scenarios to acquire and practice clinical skills and research abilities using problem-based learning. 25% of students have the chance to study medicine for 12 months at one of the rural clinical schools where they benefit from engaging with the community to enhance learning. After year 3, research-minded students can opt to do an additional year to achieve the Bachelor of Medical Research. In year 3, students will continue to apply knowledge, to build on understanding through full-time clinical and community placements and a significant project. Completing the third year will satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Clinical Science.

In the final 2 years, students will work towards independence through core placements in speciality and subspeciality medicine from busy urban metropolitan hospitals in both rural and remote areas.


Alternative Pathways

Applicants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are invited to apply and must complete the NSW HSC or Tertiary equivalent. Candidates are required to prove their identity and the interview will be a panel rather than MMI.

Each year at least 15 places are set aside for admission for applicants o frural students who want to study medicine. The entry requirements are similar to those applying in the Greater Western Sydney pathway.

Applicants who currently live in one of the areas defined as Greater Western Sydney for approximately five consecutive years, immediately prior to commencing the Medicine Undergraduate Program, are eligible to be considered for the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) pathway.

Applicants who currently live outside one of the areas defined as Greater Western Sydney but are domestic students may apply using Non-Greater Western Sydney (GWS) pathway.

Academic Requirements


ATAR - GWS applicants must have a minimum of 93.5 or equivalent. Non-GWS applicants must have a minimum of 95.5 or equivalent.

IB - GWS applicants must have a minimum of 36 in IB or equivalent (OP 1 to 4). Non-GWS applicants must have a minimum of 38 in IB or equivalent (OP1 to 3).

GCE - Applicants must have a minimum of AAA (3 or less A2 subjects).

GPA - Undergraduate Applicants must have a GPA of at least 5.2+ (GWS) and 5.5+ (non-GWS). If your GPA is calculated on a 4 scale, simply multiply your GPA by 1.75.


All domestic applicants are required to sit the UCAT. Some exceptions may be made for candidates in particular pathways. Applicants applying within the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) pathway may have a lower UCAT threshold than non-GWS applicants.

Application Process

How to apply

Domestic University of Western Sydney medicine applications must go through UAC.

International applicants must apply with directly through Western Sydney University, through UAC International or through an international agent.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for all applicants is September 2020.

Application Documents

Along with the full application, students are expected to have completed a Senior First Aid Course before the end of Semester 1, Year 1. Applicants applying in through the Rural Entry Admission Scheme are required to provide documentation that confirms their eligibility as a rural applicant. Candidates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent must provide both a statutory self-declaration and community confirmation of their existing Confirmation of Aboriginality. These certificates must be provided prior to attending an interview.

Selection Process


When selected for an interview, applicants who meet both the UCAT threshold and the academic requirements threshold will be invited to interview. When selected for an offer, ranking is based on interview performance and the candidates UCAT score with a greater weight placed on the interviews.


Interviews will take place in the Multi-station Mini Interview (MMI) format. This involves applicants rotating through different stations which last 8 minutes each. Each station has a different interview. Interviews are usually held in November the year prior to starting.

Competition Ratios

Each year, the programme accepts approximately 100 students. Around 3500 people apply each year. This gives an overall competition ratio of approximately 1:35.There is a minimum of 20 places for international students.


Western Sydney University (WSU) is ranked in the top two per cent in the world by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It is placed 251-300th by the QS World University Ranking.

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