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Founded in 1989 The University of Notre Dame Australia has campuses in 3 areas including Fremantle, Sydney and Broome. It has two Schools of Medicine, one in Fremantle and one in Sydney (University of Notre Dame Sydney Medicine), which provide separate graduate entry medical programs independently.

The university only provides graduate entry and applicants must have completed or be in their final year of the degree in order to be eligible to apply.

Notre Dame Medicine School Programme Summary Table

Domestic Applicants International applicants
How to apply GEMSAS International Application Form
Programme Length 4 years
Number of Places 238 (118 Sydney campus and 120 Fremantle campus) 10
Academic Requirements Bachelor Degree
GPA 5.2/7.0+
Bachelor Degree AQF lvl. 7 - taught in English
Exam Requirements GAMSAT: 50 in each section GAMSAT: 50 in each section
MCAT: 500+ overall

English Language Proficiency
Interview MMI
Application deadline May 2020

Updated March 2020

Notre Dame Medical School - The Programme

Notre Dame Medical School aims to ensure that their graduates are able to demonstrate ethical and professional behaviour; all medical students complete a bioethics unit applied in a medical context. Early clinical experience with medically qualified tutors through placements allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a clinical setting. Moreover, the school encourages a hands-on approach through problem-based learning, allowing students to learn problem-solving and team-work skills from an early stage.

The school provides small group teaching with tutors focusing on clinical experiences, personal and professional learning objectives, and gives students an opportunity to discuss their experiences with patients. Furthermore, students are able to experience medicine at Notre Dame in a wide range of different health facilities, through placements in public and private sectors as well as, and rural medicine and remote clinical placements.

In the first two years at Notre Dame Medicine, the curriculum focuses on basic and clinical sciences which includes; anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and pharmacology. These are taught in a problem-based way, which is supported by lectures, practical classes, web-based material and tutorials. The course aims to emphasise respect for human life dignity and social justice.

The final two years at the University of Notre Dame Medicine MD program are also known as the clinical years which build on the theoretical foundation and develop further their clinical skills and knowledge for patient care. The third-year includes four clinical rotations in various medical specialities. 4th-year students rotate in 4 8-week placements and are introduced to new specialties including critical care, ENT and more.

Placements take place in private and public hospitals and community settings and students are encouraged to engage with the patients’ family, health care professionals and patients. Furthermore, students also undertake an elective in the fourth year, giving them a chance to explore an area of interest. Moreover, students also have a chance to complete an audit or a medical research project.

An honours research project is an option for interested students who have shown academic grades of 65% or over in the last 3 years.

Academic Requirements


Applicants must either be in their last year of their bachelor’s degree or have completed a degree from an institution recognised by the University of Notre Dame Medicine at the time of application

GPA - Applicants must have a minimum GPA in the last three years of their undergraduate degree. The average GPA for 2019 successful applicants was 6.6/7.0.


Domestic applicants must complete the GAMSAT with a minimum score of 50 in each section to be eligible for admission. The average GAMSAT score for 2019 successful applicants was 63.6

International applicants must complete either the GAMSAT or MCAT with a minimum required score is 500 to be eligible for admission. International applicants also need to meet the English Language requirements. This can be IELTS 7.0+, or PTE: 65+ or TOEFL 94+ 24+ in reading and listening, 23+ in speaking, 27+ in writing.

Application Process

How to apply

Domestic applicants applying for Notre Dame’s Doctor of Medicine course must apply with GEMSAS.

International applicants must apply by completing the international application form. In addition, all Applicants must complete the Notre Dame Portfolio. A template can be found on the Notre Dame website.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for applicants is May 2021.

Selection Process


Applicants will be selected based on their GEMSAS application, portfolio, and interview.


The format of the interview will be multiple mini interviews (MMI), and approximately 300 applicants are invited for the interview. Interviews can be conducted online. This can include topics like Motivation to study medicine, Understanding of health issues facing Australia, teamwork, response to scenarios and simulated role-play.

Competition Ratios

In 2019, the programme accepted 120 students. 2796 people applied. This gives an overall competition ratio of approximately 1:23.


The QS World University Ranking has placed the University of Notre Dame 401st to 450th in the world of medicine.

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