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Situated on the beautiful Australian Gold Coast in Queensland with 57km of beaches and affordable living costs compared to most capital cities, it is no wonder why Bond is rated first for student experience among all Australian Universities!

The Medical School opened its doors in 2005 and takes a very modern approach to medical education with a unique three-semester per year timetable.

Bond Medical Program Summary Table

Undergraduate Entry Graduate Entry
How to apply Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC)
Programme Length 4 year, 8 months
(14 semesters total of 4 months each)
3 year, 8 months
(11 semesters of 4 months each)
Academic Requirements OP 1-3
ATAR 96+ or IB Dip 38+
International English + one of:
Chemistry, Maths B, or Physics
GPA ≥ 6.0/7.0
International English, and Chemistry, or Mathematics, or Physics

Successful completion of an eligible program*
Exam Requirements Psychometric testing
Interview MMI
Bond University Medicine Fees 2021: $29,960 per semester
Bond University Medicine Dates: Application deadline Jan 2021

*Bond University’s: Bachelor of Biomedical Science (in the Pre-Health Professional major), Master of Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Physiotherapy or the Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice


Bond University - The Programme

As mentioned, the Medical Program at Bond University is open to both eligible graduates as well as undergraduates in year 12. The course consists of two sequential degrees. During the first two or three pre-clinical years, students work towards a Bachelor of Medical Studies, which is designed to “equip graduates with the foundation knowledge, skills and attributes” they need to progress to the senior years, whilst the ‘clinical’ years of 4 and 5 provide the final touches required to create safe and confident doctors.

An important part of medical education is practical learning, often in a simulated environment. This allows students to practice making real-life medical decisions in artificial scenarios that closely mimic real cases. Bond uni medicine has a strong focus on this, with its simulated learning environment (known as the Clinical Education and Research Centre) receiving strong praise and accolades. Improve your medical skills on mannequins that can display realistic physical signs like a heart beating and symptoms like chest pain.

This includes small group sessions, problem-based learning and case-based discussions accompanying more traditional seminars, lectures and dissections. Students studying at Bond University are provided with all the skills and knowledge they need to become safe and successful doctors in the shortest MD program offered on the continent.

Along with being the shortest program, Bond university has a unique pathway to becoming a doctor whereby students who complete a specific undergraduate program at Bond University may be eligible to skip the first year of the required Bond Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMedSt) undergraduate degree. Bond does not offer a traditional ‘stand-alone’ Graduate only program as the Medicine course is comprised of two sequential programs, meaning all students must complete the BMedSt undergraduate program component to progress to the MD program.


Residence requirements

Bond University accepts domestic applicants only unless a student from outside Australia has already completed a degree with Bond University.

Academic Requirements


Undergraduate applicants will be accepted based on their academic score (undergraduate applicants), psychometric testing, and their interview. Graduate applicants are accepted onto the programme based based on their GPA (graduate applicants),


50% of all applicants will be offered to complete the psychometric test based on their academic achievements. This was new in 2018 and is an externally provided online test that is used by many other professions and was created to provide information on a candidate’s personal attributes, important to be successful as a Doctor.

Application Process

How to apply

Applicants applying for Bond’s medical programme must apply with the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Application Deadlines

The deadline for applicants is January 2021.

Selection Process


Candidates who are successful in achieving the required academic standard will be invited to attend an interview in the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) format. There will be ≥ 4 stations, testing skills important to the medical professional like communication, knowledge and teamwork.

Competition Ratios

There are around 4 applicants per place each year - 1:4.

Medical Student Opinion

Kunaal Kacker – 4th Year

1. What are the good things about studying Medicine at this university?

The smaller class sizes, particularly in the Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions in Years 1-3 & opportunity to gain assistance from Professors/Doctors with the smaller cohort sizes (in comparison to other Medical Schools in Queensland). The Bond Medicine course is an intensive fast-track course, with trimesters each year, the course length is 4.8 years (quicker than other 6-year undergraduate courses offered in Australia).

2. What is not so good about studying Medicine there?

Being an intensive course, Bond course runs 40 weeks of the year, giving less holiday time (particularly pre-clinical years 1-3 compared to other undergraduate Medical courses offered at other universities). Unlike some other universities, there is no opportunity to defer a year for research, with research being incorporated into final year. Any additional research needs to be undertaken separately in addition to concurrent medical studies.

3. What advice do you have for someone thinking of studying Medicine there?

Be prepared to study hard throughout the year. Currently in my 4th year (1st year of clinical rotations), we are in hospital from early January through till late November with only one week holiday in July. It's hard work, but will graduate earlier than others.

4. Do you have any tips on how to get in?

From what I am aware of, only applicants who are Australia residents are eligible for the program (this was the criteria when I applied in 2012/2013).

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